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I strolled through the streets like any other day in Atlas, headphones on, hands in pockets, hood on, pretzel stick in mouth, so on and so on, I chose to pass by a shortcut to my Dad's house and what did I get? A bunch of anti-faunus morons trying to rob me.

"Hey, You! Come here and gimme all your lien, clothes, everything!" One thug said, while pointing a knife at me..

I frowned....(Ugh, annoying as heck lines from robbers, why do they always use the same lines from movies)...I thought as I tried to walk past them, only to be stopped by a much larger thug...think his height was 6'5 or so...while I'm 5'4.

"Hey, ya heard that you midget!" He said

Ok, that can set me off, I now thought of using a scare tactic..

"Who are you calling "Midget"?  I mouthed off while making an even worse frown.

Well, while they were kind of....scared,but one of them had enough balls to rush in and hit me, fortunately I blocked it while jumping back to minimize the damage.Now I had no choice, I connected my scroll to my headset and called one of my superiors while I charged in.

"Hey, Carmine here....there's a bunch of idiots trying to rob me...I'm using force.........Ok then.That's all." I then hung up while giving the thug who hit me first a right cross, based from the distance he flew, I guess I put a little bit too much force.

Seeing that the others are now pissed, I decided to activate my Aura as red flames wrapped my arms while my eyes started glowing a brighter shade of red.

"Dammit, can you guys just piss off, I'm in a rush." I said them, sure enough, another charged in with his pipe, swinging wildly (An amateur..) I thought as I caught his pipe and headbutted him hard enough to render him unconscious.

"....Anyone else?" I said, then the rest of the gang decided to try and rush me...(All while they're positioned enough for a can of whoopass to open in a minute.......morons indeed..) I thought as I ran towards them...

I elbowed one pipe guy, knocking him out ,then another had the bright idea of getting in the way of his pal's swing, I took the opportunity to slap the first guy with a closed fist then ram him towards the other and punching them both in the face.

"...Tch, really?" I muttered before one knife guy tried stabbing me, instead he took my hood off me while was fumbling on grabbing me, showing my messy grey hair ending in red.I returned the favor by finally slapping the plates on my wrists which turned out to be my weapons, a pair of gauntlet/shields with the impact point having a pile bunker feature and slammed my wrist down his hand, knocking the knife off and activated my pile bunker impact and sent him flying at another pipe guy, knocking them both out.

I immediately sensed something wrong and moved away, a knife struck the wall I was standing in front of a few seconds ago, narrowly missing my tail and looked at the other knife guy with a lot of contempt.

"I'm so going to send this idiot to the hospital..!" I said as he started throwing more knives, I guarded some while charging forward and kneed him in the solar plexus, while he struggled for air, I grabbed him and threw him at the big guy who managed to dodge it.

"...Hey, Troll, you good in 1-1??" I taunted him again, soon enough he took the bait since he charged in while bellowing like those ogres I fought in those games... I then swallowed my pretzel stick and took a stance for brawling.

He tried to do a jab,but it was too slow, but then it was actually a set up, as he threw a large haymaker that connected with me, sending me back a few feet (Ok...then...he's a good planner) I thought as I tried to go forward, only to have a roundhouse kick nearing my face, i managed to guard it but he grabbed me by the collar and lifted me, a goofed up smile appeared on his face before he threw me down the alley.It didn't hurt at all though the distance I was thrown was about 5 meters.

"Oooh, is the widdle rat hurt??" The big guy laughed, well I decided to end it.

"First of all..." I said as i got up "I'm a wolverine, second....." I continued my semblance,a large clawed arm with chains formed form my aura covering my right arm while charging forward.

"Make fun of my height, I'll kick your ass...." I said as i punched the big guy, stunning him long enough for me to off my semblance,get behind him and give him a German Suplex, knocking him out.

I got up and called an ambulance, then just as I was beginning to move, My scroll rang again, I picked it up and found out it was from my team leader, Cyan...

"Yo,Cyan.....what?.....We have a new student??Ok who is it?....Sounds like Specialist Winter's relative.....Lemme guess, ya asked Aster to search the latest roster huh......Anyway I gotta go to Dad's orphanage, call me later ok?....Bye.."

I put my scroll back to my pocket.And started moving again..all while thinking to myself..

(Weiss Schnee huh....things look strange, but oh well, gotta go with the flow again..)

(RWBYxOC,Team CYAN N Intro) Codename:Rivning
Decided on a new style,POV style 

PS:Rivning is Swedish for Demolition

i dont won belongs to RoosterTeeth


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